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52 – week challenge


49. Anyone Home?

This was also taken whilst on the island of Ithaca, just off Kefalonia in one of our favourite little finds! It was a small fishing village called Kioni. The scenery and the atmosphere there just blew us away. It was a really hot day (as they all were!) and, as we love to explore, we decided to head up the windy paths into the quieter parts of the village. Looking down over the stunning bay we could see the visiting yachts and the little restaurants lined up along the water’s edge.

In August 1953, the poor island of Kefalonia suffered a terrible earthquake which destroyed many of its villages; meaning that a lot of the island had to be rebuilt. Only the northern most villages such as Fiskardo managed to withstand the quake fully. So it has meant that many buildings are being rebuilt over time. There are some stunning properties waiting to be restored and loved. I’m not sure of the story behind this property and I’m not sure if the quake had something to do with it being derelict or if it’s just become empty and old over time. It reminded me of the story ‘The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe’ because it literally looks like you could open the door to a beautiful world behind!




8. WOW!

I have travelled lots, but I have never made it to the Greek Islands and I have always wanted to go there. I had heard that the landscapes are stunning, the people are friendly and the weather is beautiful. Well…It didn’t disappoint! We did quite a bit of research to find one of the quieter islands (I didn’t realise there were so many!) and we came across Kefalonia, which is one of the Ionion Islands off mainland Greece. It seemed to be just what we were looking for, with tiny coves, sleepy fishing villages and quiet beaches…Bliss!

Whilst we were there we spent some time travelling around the island to get a feel for it, and we came across this incredible view of Myrtos Beach from the side of a very steep cliff face. The word ‘WOW’ naturally came out of my mouth when we pulled over and looked down on such a gem set amongst a magnificent coastline. So I thought this picture would be quite fitting for number 8!


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52. A Calm Moment


Well.. At present I agree that it does look like I am pretty much failing my photo challenge! Apologies…Although, I can assure you I have been very good and it has been on my mind the whole time during my recent holiday to the beautiful Greek islands. In fact, I saw so many photo opportunities linking to the themes, that I could have pretty much completed the whole list whilst I was away…However, I have read the rules and I have restrained myself! So here goes with the missing 3 weeks:

This is a photo I took of my niece, Lois. During ‘Week 2’ I took her out for the day and we began by going to a little lake near our hometown where I used to go when I was a little girl. The weather was beautiful; so serene and bright, and we both shared a lovely calm moment watching the ducks and looking at the reflections in the water…But in true British style; moments later the heavens opened and there was a huge rain storm. Luckily, we escaped it and took cover. It’s amazing how the weather can change a moment in a moment!


6. The Old and The New

Fingers crossed that my first entry has worked!! I have no idea at this point. So I am just going to explain the picture, theme and reason for selecting this theme to represent my ‘week 1’ entry and hope that you can actually see it!
Due to week 1 being the first entry of my year ahead…I must admit; I felt a little apprehensive and eager to deliver an interesting and apt post. I’m hoping that’s what I have done though, as I guess the whole point of this is that we make it personal to ourselves and then we can look back and reminisce… whilst making interesting viewing for anyone else who may look on my blog!
Apologies if you’re bored already though…I do tend to ramble on a bit when I get a keyboard in front of me!
Anyway, It would have been really easy at this point, to take a shot linking to the theme ‘Red, white and blue’, due to the fact that it’s literally everywhere I look at the moment! The Olympics have totally taken over the UK and, whilst I too have completely and utterly caught the ‘bug’, and can’t stop watching every sport going; from judo to javelin, I decided that there is a more significant event approaching in my personal life that would be more appropriate for my week 1 of 52 blogs!…..And that is……
My wedding! Christian and I are due to get married a year this week. So I thought it would be quite cool and poignant to start the challenge where it will end; at the church in the little village we plan to marry!
So, getting to the point (sorry!)….I chose the theme ‘The old and the new’ because the very old church where we will be standing in a year’s time has just had a new little edition to its interior (and exterior for that matter, due to the fact that it can be seen outside and in!), in the form of a stained glass window.
Now to explain just how old this building is; there are records of it being a place of worship for over 1300 years! It has examples of carvings and architecture from the Anglo-Saxon, Norman and Gothic period, with Stuart and Tudor monuments and Victorian (and more recent) stained glass.
The window has been commissioned and created locally this year, to celebrate and mark our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. So I thought this might be a nice link to the theme ‘ old and new’ and the start of my challenge!
I hope this all makes sense/is of some interest and has not been too boring! …But most of all…I really hope you can actually see the image after all this typing!!

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Hello world!

Hi, So…I am generally fairly ok with things like this but, at this point, I’m really not sure what is ‘going public’ and what is not. So I apologise now if my profile is a bit confusing!! I have been told about the photography challenge by a family member in the US and I am so excited about the whole idea. The concept of people doing this all over the world, when you bring different cultures and landscapes into the mix, is really interesting.

Having managed to figure out how to add my first ‘post’, I am no closer to knowing how to actually download a photo yet!…And considering this is a photography challenge, this is a slight concern! However, I will keep going and hopefully figure it out before my ‘week 1’ entry.

Thanks for reading:) x.